Your warning indicator lights are more important than you might think

In our advanced society we have developed and implemented systems to help make our lives run more smoothly. One of those systems is the notion of a warning. Warnings serve to alert us to a potential problem that needs to be addressed, allowing us to stay out of harm's way. Similarly, our vehicles alert us to specific issues that may be arising as they occur. Here at Lithia Auto Stores we know that our customers live busy, hectic lives at times, and sometimes those warning lights that flash on our dashboards may go unnoticed or ignored. We'd love to help remind you why you should definitely acknowledge and address those warnings right away.

We want all our customers to get the absolute most out of their vehicles, which is why when your oil light comes on, or your engine light starts flashing that you should immediately schedule an appointment with one of our service centers. Not only does this alleviate the problem or potential problem at hand, it also helps us prevent any further damage from arising.

If you've got one or a few warning indicator lights flashing, then please don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to our helping hands. We'll happily take a look at what's going on and work our hardest to restore your vehicle to its pristine state and return it to you immediately.

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