Have a Need for Speed? The 2018 Ford Mustang GT Delivers.

The 2018 Ford Mustang GT will be fast and powerful. Crack open its hood and you'll find a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine. That's enough to produce 460 horsepower, 420 pounds-feet of torque, and 7,500 RPM.

Best of all, the Mustang GT has a new Drag Strip mode that can get you moving from zero to 60 MPH in just four seconds. How's that work? Drag Strip mode maintains high levels of torque while the 10-speed transmission shifts gears, making sure your car's sprint is the speediest possible.

The Mustang GT also has a six-speed manual transmission, providing a more hands-on experience for drivers who want one.

To learn more about the 2018 Mustang GT, get in touch with Lithia Auto Stores. We can help you find a dealership in your area that can answer your question and show you a selection of new cars just like the 2018 Mustang GT (and its 2017 predecessor).

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