Keep your car healthy through regular checkups

Humans and cars have some things in common. Like people, cars are best served by having regular checkups. In both cases, this is done so that potential problems can be caught in the earliest stages, before they develop into larger problems which are harder to fix.
Like with visits to the doctor, catching a problem with your car in the earliest stages can pay off big. Similarly, missing regular checkups can cost you big, and even threaten your life. But the good news is that taking your car to a dealership, where it can be serviced by certified techs, usually costs less than $100. The headaches it can save are worth far more.
The truth is that most cars built after about 1995 are fully capable of staying road-worthy for 200k miles and beyond. The only thing that sends a good car to an early appointment with the junkyard is poor vehicle maintenance. Keep your car going. Schedule a checkup today.
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