Common reasons that check engine light comes on

How should you assess your check engine light? A good place to start is knowing the most likely reasons it came on in the first place. Despite the level of innovation we see in today’s vehicles, caring for them continues to require proper attention to detail and performance to ensure long-term high-level performance.

Here are five common reasons your check engine light may be on:

  • O2 sensor mass airflow sensor
  • Loose gas cap
  • Catalytic converter
  • Spark plugs

The above issues are very common for techs to address, but there are a plethora of separate issues that may be affecting your vehicle. The check engine light is merely an initial indicator that something is affecting the performance of your vehicle, but professional help should be sought immediately after this is discovered due to the range of possible problems. If you are in need of an expert diagnosis of your vehicle, please consult our team of professionals by contacting our service center and we’ll have your car back performing to the standards it was meant to.

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