Summer Maintenance Tips From Lithia Auto Group

Before you and your loved ones hit the road in search of endless adventure this summer, Lithia Auto Group wants to make sure you're up to date on a few helpful summer maintenance tips for your vehicle.


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The summer months are often higher in temperature, which means your vehicle may be more prone to overheating, and no one wants to be stuck on the side of the road on a blistering day waiting for help. We suggest checking and changing your oil, rotating your tires, checking and replacing your coolant if necessary, and any other essential fluids. Another important tip is keeping an eye on your wiper blades. If it's been a particularly rigorous winter, your blades may not be functioning properly or at their best. Replacing them will help your visibility during any sudden inclement weather. Checking your air conditioning and cabin filtration system will also help keep you cool and breathing easy during those hotter days.

Please visit your local Lithia service center for any of your service or maintenance needs. We'll happily make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape for summer fun right away.

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