How to Spot a Flood Damaged Vehicle

As we cope with the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, Lithia Auto Stores wants to encourage drivers to pay attention to the signs of a flood damaged vehicle. It's hard to imagine, but some scammers will often clean up a flood damaged vehicle and try to sell it as a vehicle in good condition. A lot of states require that a previously flooded vehicle carry a notice of this in its title, however, this doesn't always come to fruition. If you're looking for a new or used vehicle in Texas, please check out one of our Lithia Store locations or make sure you do the following:

  • Pull up the vehicle's carpet and check for moisture.
  • Take a whiff. A good solid smelling will let you know if there's any mildew or if it was recent wet. Strong detergent or cleaners' scents may also be an indicator.
  • Check out the trunk and under the hood for mud and debris. Sometimes a thorough cleaning doesn't always cover the tracks of flooding.

Good luck and all the best to any of our customers struggling with the effects of Hurricane Harvey, our thoughts are with you.


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