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Quality Vehicles for Under $15K are Now for Sale at All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Midland

Here at all American Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Midland, we endeavor to provide every customer around Midland, Texas, the best deal possible. That includes those who visit us with a limited budget. We feel that every driver deserves the chance to own a model they can take pride in, which is why you will find that our bargain inventory is stocked with used cars that are not only listed under $15K but in quality condition too.

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How to Spot a Flood Damaged Vehicle

As we cope with the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, Lithia Auto Stores wants to encourage drivers to pay attention to the signs of a flood damaged vehicle. It's hard to imagine, but some scammers will often clean up a flood damaged vehicle and try to sell it as a vehicle in good condition. A lot of states require that a previously flooded vehicle carry a notice of this in its title, however, this doesn't always come to fruition. If you're looking for a new or usedwith you.

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We’re Your Financing Experts

Why does the financing part of your car-shopping experience always have to be such an incredible drag? There you are, all pumped up about your new ride…and then they stick you in a cubicle to talk about numbers (ugh!) with some lackey who has all the personality of a lunch bag. What. A. Bummer.

Well, that’s not the way we do it.


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Honda Battle of Bands Celebrates 14th Annniversary

If your favorite part of a parade is the marching band, you must try to get to the annual Honda Battle of the Bands (HBOB) event. This marked the 14th anniversary of the popular competition, which pits eight of the nation’s top university and college marching bands against each other.

Held this January at the Georgia Dome, the competition was fierce, the music and performances fiery and the cheering deafening.

Though the grand prize can only be awarded to one school’s band, Honda gives over $200,000 to the participating schools in the form of institutional grants.

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Acura Reunites the "Legendary Duo" for SEMA 2015

Luxury should be long-lasting. Regardless of technological advancements and comfort or convenience innovations, the heart of luxury shouldn't change. Ludacris can attest to this. He's been driving a 1993 Acura Legend for the past two decades. That is, he was, until he encountered a few scrapes, leaving his right rear door pretty busted up. Not to worry. In honor of SEMA 2015, Acura came to the rescue. Is Ludacris happy with how his restored luxury sedan turned out? We'll let the video below speak for itself.

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