Keep Good Tires on Your Vehicle

You look at the tires on your vehicle and you know that they are not in the condition that they were in when you had them installed on that vehicle. The treads are wearing down, and the tires are not what they once were. It may be time for a fresh set of tires. How can you tell?

If you have tires that have become smooth because of all of the work that they have done, you may notice your vehicle taking a little longer to stop than it once did. You need to have good treads on your tires if you are going to be in full control of your vehicle. If you notice a crack or bulge in your tires, contact us to look at those tires and see if they need to be replaced. We are here to help you stay safe in the vehicle that you drive. When your tires are wearing down, trust one of our Lithia Auto Stores destinations to look them over and let you know if they need to be replaced.

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