Discover the Merits of 4WD vs AWD

Chances are you came across our website during your search for a capable work truck or SUV. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to stick around to discover whether a Four Wheel Drive (4WD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD) model is the right choice for your daily travels. While the Lithia Auto Stores team recognizes the merits of both systems, only one will fit your needs. Let us share an overview of both systems with you today.

What are the Main Selling Points of 4WD Vehicles?

  • 4WD models give you exceptional control over your gears.
  • Your 4WD model typically uses only your two rear wheels, but it distributes power as needed to all four wheels.
  • Vehicles equipped with 4WD travel over snow, rocks, mud, and more with relative ease.

What are the Main Selling Points of AWD Vehicles?

  • AWD-equipped vehicles typically make tight corners thanks to an enhanced ability to steer and pull with the front wheels.
  • You can trust an AWD model to perform very well on any road or terrain conditions that you encounter, and it’s also a low-maintenance option.
  • Your power is distributed evenly to all four wheels instead of just the rear or front ones.

Visit our dealership soon to chat with our experienced sales professionals regarding any extra areas of concern as you look for that truck or SUV of your dreams.

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