Winter brings a lot of unfriendly weather, and with it comes slick roads and driveways. There are three things that can be used to remedy slick surfaces you drive on, but they have to be used correctly. Those three things are salt, sand and kitty litter.

The most commonly used is sand, and for good reason. Sand is the most commonly used way to get traction on driveways because it doesn't cause rust to vehicles or death to vegetation like salt. It also isn't slick after absorbing moisture like kitty litter.

Should you ever use kitty litter to add traction? You should only use it if you're stuck somewhere that you can't get immediate help and need something for your wheel to grip. Kitty litter can do that for small areas that need traction, but you should never spread it across a road or driveway.

Just to be sure your vehicle is ready to handle the tough winter conditions, you should bring it to us at one of our Lithia Auto Stores locations, and we'll service and get it prepared.

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