Many responsible car owners don't give their windshield wiper blades a second thought. We understand they are often worn out and desperately need replacing before you bring your vehicle to us to have them changed. Despite being commonly neglected, windshield wipers are essential to have a clear view of the roadway, and not having proper windshield wipers can be dangerous.

There are three types of windshield wipers, and when you live in a wet or cold winter climate, you need to purchase winter windshield wipers. Winter windshield wipers provide more protection from the elements. They are practical and offer extensive functionality when you drive in bad weather. Winter windshield wipers last longer than traditional wipers because the blades are encased in rubber and are kept dry in rainy, icy or snowy weather.

Using winter windshield wipers is necessary when you are driving in inclement weather conditions, and are an inexpensive investment. Call your local Lithia Auto Stores location today to have your wipers installed.

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