Taking your food to a holiday get together

Everyone loves going to a party, the family get-together, or any other reason to visit with loved ones around the holidays. Of course one of the best parts is all of the delicious food that we get to over-indulge in! Here are some tips on how to safely transport all of those goodies.

  • Take care to have insulation of some kind under any of your hot dishes.
  • Be sure that all lids are sealed tightly.
  • Make sure that everything is securely loaded and won't slide around on the drive.

All of us at BMW of Des Moines want to be sure that you have the best holiday season possible and that it's not bothered by any food accidents on the road. The last thing anyone wants is to spill that delicious food in their car.

Be sure to have a safe and wonderful holiday season from us at BMW of Des Moines.

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