Several Reasons Your Car Tire Pressure Matters

When the tire pressure indicator light goes off in your vehicle, take this seriously and don't ignore the trouble. The longer you drive with too much or too little air in the tires, the better chance you are doing damage to the car tires. If the tire pressure is too low in the car tires, the tires have more surface area in contact with the road. Not only do they wear faster, that added friction increases the heat too. The under-inflated tires make it harder to steer your vehicle too.

When the air pressure in the car tires is too high, it comes with even more issues. The tire is riding on the center, so handling is an issue with less rubber on the road. As the center wears faster, you could cause a tire blowout in time. Schedule a tire rotation appointment at the Lithia Auto Store nearest you so we can keep a closer eye on the condition of the tires too.

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