High-Ranges and Transfer Cases

Like many drivers, you may drive a car, SUV, or truck that can shift from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive on-demand. If you do, then your vehicle almost certainly contains something called a transfer case.

Transfer cases are mini-transmissions that attach to regular transmissions. From their vantage point, transfer cases can route torque from the main transmission to each drive wheel. Many transfer cases allow drivers to shift into either high-4x4 or low-4x4. High-4x4 offers you several advantages that include lateral stability and traction.

Compared to the 2-wheel drive setting, high-range settings provide cars and trucks with extra amounts of traction. This feature comes in handy during wet, icy, or moderately snowy weather. At the same time, this feature allows your vehicle to move at higher speeds than the low-4x4 setting. Regardless of the drive setting in use, transfer cases require regular preventative maintenance services. At our facilities, our certified powertrain technicians are experienced in all aspects of transmission and transfer case service. For a no-obligation talk about your needs, swing by the Lithia Auto Stores auto repair shop nearest you today.

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