The Eye-Catching Exterior Features of the Chrysler 300

Luxury sedans catch people's eyes. The Chrysler 300 does a remarkable job of doing this. The exterior features come together to create a look few sedans match.

Interestingly, the Chrysler 300 embraces a platinum style for its exterior. Drivers who want a vehicle that stands out find a sharp grille helps the cause. The platinum chrome finish on the Chrysler 300's grille brings this section to life. The platinum chrome finish extends to the door handles and other parts as well. The finish ensures the vehicle stands out as wonderfully noticeable.

All wheels aren't the same with the Chrysler 300. In fact, the manufacturer offers a total of nine different wheel designs. The varied designs aren't relegated to one wheel size. Choose from four different wheel sizes.

Take a look at the Chrysler 300 up close at our showroom. Better yet, take a model out on the road for a test drive.



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