Enjoy Convenience in the New Toyota Sienna

If you are looking for a vehicle that provides you with optimal gas mileage, plenty of interior space, towing capacity, seating for up to eight people and lots of cargo space, then look no further than the 2018 Toyota Sienna. Sounds like a pretty perfect vehicle doesn't it? We here at the Lithia Auto Stores family of dealerships agree, and we recommend the Sienna to a lot of our clients that either have large families or need the additional cargo space that an SUV or crossover do not provide.


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In addition to seating for eight, you also have a good deal of trunk space. If you want to put down the third row of seating, you can achieve even more space that way. The technology is great with the Toyota brand's rear view cameras, lane departure warning systems and much more. Bluetooth technology and a well designed center console make this an optimal vehicle to own and drive. Stop by our showroom and explore the Toyota Sienna and our other popular minivans in person!

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