Though we need cars to get around and do our daily tasks, we should definitely be cautious of how much fuel we use. Did you know that there are many ways that you can cut down on gas use in your daily life? At Lithia Motors, Inc., we think it's important for our customers to know how to be fuel efficient—here are some fuel economy tips!

Do you work with people who live in the same neighborhood as you? Carpooling to and from work can be a great way to save fuel along the way! It's also very helpful to use cruise control while on the highway, as many people waste fuel by continually adjusting their brake/accelerator pedals. Another way to save fuel is to leave for work earlier and leave work later. If you can accommodate, you can avoid rush hour and wasting fuel in traffic.

Being conscious of your fuel consumption will not only save you money, but help you be more environmentally friendly. Find a new, fuel-efficient car, truck, or SUV for your daily commute.



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