Vehicle accident damage is similar to an onion. There is an outside layer or visible damage that is easy to identify. However, to see all the damage that has occurred, we need to peel back all the layers. In collision repair, this is called Dis-assembly. During dis-assembly, our skilled technicians start by removing the visibly damaged panels and parts. They then inspect the components and systems underneath to determine the extent of the damage. All of the damages parts are removed from the vehicle and stored on a parts cart to maximize efficiency for a quick repair.


Have you ever broken a bone? The only way for a doctor to diagnose that you've broken the bone is to take an x-ray. In a similar fashion, the only way for our technicians to diagnose if you have structural damage to your vehicle frame is to put it on a frame machine that measures the frame dimensions. Your vehicle's dimensions are compared to the specifications provided by your vehicle manufacturer. If your vehicle frame is severely damaged, we may not be able to repair it safely. This would result in a total loss of the vehicle. However, in many cases we can repair the frame damage and bring it back into alignment with the manufactures specifications. As an added benefit, we inspect your vehicle for non-accident related damage; we will inform you of our findings and give you the option to make the repair. There is no obligation to this inspection. Many of our customers choose to repair this damage while we have their vehicle. This damage is separate from your insurance company appraisal. If you are not interested in the service, that is not a problem!  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction with your repair.


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