Have you ever ran your hand over the painted surface of your vehicle and enjoyed the smooth, sleek finish? That finish is achieved by extensive preparation of the surface before the vehicle is ever painted. Imagine that you sanded down to bare metal on your vehicle, you would discover that your paint job is made up of many layers of materials. With bare metal at the bottom, followed by etch primer, body filler, primer-surfacer, base color coat and then a clear coat at the top. To repair the damage, each layer needs to be reapplied and then sanded smooth before the next layer is applied. This sanding process is called "feather edging". Feather edging allows for the repair to be seamless when you run your hand over the finished paint job. When completing repairs to your vehicle, it is very rare that we need to repaint the entire vehicle. Instead, we often only need to repaint the areas that have been repaired. Therefore, it is critical that we tape off or mask off areas that do not need to be painted. Masking the vehicle also helps achieve a seamless finish by protecting areas of the vehicle from unwanted overspray. Before we paint, the entire vehicle needs to be clean and free of dirt and sanding debris. To ensure this, the surface of your vehicle is cleaned off with clean, dry air and then wiped down with a final cleaner. This process prevents dust and dirt from getting in your final paint finish.

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Paint technicians are highly trained artisans who work with the latest paint applications and color matching technology. Paint technicians mix the correct paint color based on a color formula using a mixing scale. Following a scientific recipe, they combine the appropriate amount of several toners and then add a controller or activator to the mixture that helps the paint dry. The paint is then stirred and strained into a cup. This cup is then connected to the spray gun that the paint technician will use to paint the vehicle. The first layer of paint is called a base coat and it contains a vehicle color. Our paint technicians undergo extensive training to ensure they are knowledgeable about the most recent paint application techniques. These skilled painters give you the comfort of knowing the old and new paint will blend perfectly making the damage to your vehicle undetectable. Our paint technicians then apply a second coat called a clear coat. This second layer provides UV and gloss retention properties to the base coat layer giving your vehicle an exceptional appearance.

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