After the painting stage of the repair process, your vehicle will then be reassembled. This stage is easily and quickly completed. Our repair centers take pride in their work, which is why we quality control check, every vehicle. During the quality control assessment, we check everything from the interior to the exterior of your vehicle; your vehicle is even driven by a trained technician to test the safety and reliability. Through this process, our repair center is certain that your vehicle is back to pre-accident condition.

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Once all quality checks have been completed, you will receive a phone call stating that your vehicle is finished and ready to be picked up. Together, we will schedule a date and time for you to pick up your vehicle. Prior to your pickup, your vehicle will undergo final detailing to remove all dirt or debris than may have accumulated during the repair process. This leaves your vehicle looking like new. When you arrive you will be walked through a final inspection. This final inspection allows you to approve the repair. At this point, you can drive away happy knowing your vehicle looks like new and having the peace of mind provided by a lifetime warranty of our repairs. Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction; our business is built on the complete satisfaction of each and every customer.

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