Did you purchase your car, truck, or SUV through a Lithia dealership? At Lithia Motors, Inc, we are always looking for ways to make your ownership experience a better one. Some of the advancements we make are at the dealership level, while others extend beyond that framework. The MyLithia app is an example of that commitment. This mobile app is a great way for customers to enhance their ownership experience and get practical assistance that will help them in keeping their vehicle healthy. By assisting you with your service, parking, and fuel needs, this app can make your life easier.

Download the MyLithia App

Whether you want to schedule your service at a Lithia service center near you, find parking in a crowded area, or search for the lowest fuel prices in the area, the MyLithia app is there for you. Download this app today and discover this amazing tool that Lithia Motors, Inc has provided for you.

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