Color Matching Paint - With any vehicle, the sections affected by the damage need to be painted once the repairs are made. Our collision center paint brand is a major supplier to all of the global vehicle manufacturers. You can be confident in our ability to match your vehicle's color. Our repair centers have spectro-fatometers which allow color matching to be done through a photographic analysis of the existing paint. There are two types of spectro-fatometers: an Acquire RX (TM) camera and an Acquire Plus EFX (TM) Camera. Both cameras work in similar faction. First, the two panels closest to the repair are cleaned with a polishing compound and wiped dry with a clean and dry, lint-free cloth. The camera is loaded and three readings are taken from the two adjacent panels. The readings are uploaded directly from the camera into the electronic formula retrieval system. The technician enters your vehicle information into the database and runs a search. The color proof system returns with two color renderings: on the left there is a lab-digital rendering of the existing vehicle color, on the right is a lab-digital rendering of the formula selected by the electric formula retrieval database. Enabling the blend/view option allows the technician a preview of how well the formulas will combine. If needed, the electronic formula retrieval system compares the lab images and automatically adjusts the tint accordingly. Once we have a color match we will then verify the accuracy of the color by creating a spray out card that is again compared to your vehicle before we paint anything. Using this process we can guarantee your color will match!

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Making a claim to your insurance company can be time consuming. However, by using our repair center the process can be hassle-free and painless. The direct communication between your insurance company and our repair center expedites your repair. We transact business with all of the major US car insurance companies - They know us and we know them!  Once we have established a complete repair plan for your vehicle, we will send all of the appropriate documentation to your insurance company for their approval. Allowing you to get back to your life knowing that your insurance claim is being professionally handled.

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