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Lithia Auto Stores takes pride in being able to deliver wide-ranging inventories and comprehensive service on a state level at our dealership locations across the country. One popular brand many of our customers we serve in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California enjoy shopping for is Jeep. With vehicles that are fun to take off-roading with friends and family yet perfect commuters for work and everyday town chores, Jeep models have elevated the scope of what we as drivers can achieve and take on when buckled in. We're happy to tell you more about some of the popular Jeep models that bring these vast array of experiences to Lithia shoppers in Nevada, North Dakota, New Mexico and Montana!

The Joy of Driving Jeep: Top Models Discussed

The Jeep Cherokee is popular for its natural demeanor in a variety of road settings. Perfect for going off the grid and taking on rough, uneven terrain with a cushiony suspension and an available 3.2-liter V6 engine, this model still looks good around whatever city or town you drive in as a daily driver and family hauler. The Jeep Grand Cherokee expands upon this spirit with a lavish interior and advanced technology perfect for engaging times in classy settings, but with an available V8 engine that still is perfectly comfortable taking you to parts unknown.

If off-roading is your main priority in Idaho, Iowa or Texas, all of which we serve, you'll want to match up with the Wrangler Unlimited and this model's variety of available off-roading equipment and accessories to choose from. The Patriot succeeds in this facet as well, with an affordable price tag that keeps value-shoppers more than satisfied with their purchase.

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