Car Insurance Savings for Active Military and Veterans

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As of this writing, the United States Armed Forces has 1,358,500 active military and 799,500 reserve personnel. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 19 million veterans alive, and most of them need car insurance. Luckily, there are great options for vets who are looking for the best rates and services for their families.

Top Three Companies for Military Savings

We looked at a wide cross section of reports when compiling this article and have found the best car insurance savings for active military and veterans. Here's the scoop. Most auto insurance companies offer some form of military discounts but when considering which company to go with, it's best to consider companies that go out of their way to understand the needs of military families. This includes understanding that paying the bills can be a challenge during long deployments. That means that some insurance companies are better armed with policies that take the needs of military service personnel in mind. Which insurance companies are the best? Read on.

Tips on Insurance Savings

During a deployment, the last thing on your mind is your car insurance. Just don't let it lapse while you're deployed. It will lead to you paying higher rates when you get car insurance again. Plus, a lapse in car insurance can in some cases void your auto loan or lease agreement. It's better to store your car while you're away from home and continue to pay lower premiums.
There are a lot of different discounts available that are not specific to the military. Bundling your cars, motorcycles, and home insurance (or renter's insurance) can get you a substantial multi-policy discount. When comparing insurance quotes, look for added extras such as roadside assistance. Knowing your family has roadside assistance when they need it while you are deployed can provide you with a bit of peace of mind.
Car insurance companies have various rules of eligibility for military discounts. Ask your insurance provider regarding specific requirements. Generally, such discounts are open to active-duty members of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Space Force. You may have to show a letter of deployment, government or military picture ID to qualify.
Retired or honorably discharged members of the armed forces apply as do service academy members, advance ROTC and ROTC scholarships (show ROTC contract or appointment letter). Also, the family of military service members are eligible for many discounts. Proof of relationships may be required.
Ask your potential insurer if they offer military discounts. Most insurers require a government-issued picture ID or military documentation to qualify for military-specific discounts. These can include active duty military orders, earnings statement, ROTC contract, DD-214 Discharge document, or NGB-22 National Guard discharge papers.

Car Buying Discounts
Most automakers provide discounts to active military service members. Local dealerships often offer special incentives and financing for military personnel as well. Many banks and credit unions offer special discounts and some lenders such as Navy Federal Credit Union only allow military, employees of the DOD, and military service-related contractors to apply.
Let Lithia Help
At Lithia Motors, we support our active military and veterans. Ask your local Lithia dealer for local promotions, savings, and incentives for members of the military. And thank you for your service.