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Top Tips for Buying Car Insurance
Save Money and Time! Lithia.com hopes to make your car purchase easier and more fun. Whether you're a first time buyer who is trying to navigate the uncharted waters of buying auto insurance, or an old time pro in the insurance game, we hope these tips will get you insured quickly, easily and even save you some hard-earned cash. For those thinking of buying their first car, owning a car offers a sense of freedom and roads of endless possibilities. But for all the great adventures you plan to embark on, car ownership comes with the necessity of owning car insurance coverage. Whether you're a young driver buying your first car or your parents say that it's time to get your own policy, finding the right car insurance might seem like a difficult task. But with a bit of preparation, you can get a good policy with the right coverage types for a good price.

Every state has some form of "financial responsibility" laws, which means that if you own a vehicle, you have to show that you're able to pay others if you cause a car accident. You'll need proof that you can pay others' car repair bills and medical expenses and that's where car insurance comes in. You can also buy coverage types such as collision and comprehension insurance to cover your vehicle for damage from car accidents, car theft, floods, fire, hail, collisions with animals and falling objects. The average cost for car insurance with liability, collision and comprehensive insurance is around $1,140 per year, according to the most recent data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.