What Voids Your Vehicle Warranty?

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One of the best things about buying a new car, besides that new car smell, is having auto warranties that cover the powertrain as well as bumper-to-bumper coverage. Car warranties provide instant peace of mind when you drive off the lot. But you should be aware that there are things that consumers do that actually can void a car warranty. In fact, many thousands get voided every year.

At Lithia Motors, we want you to enjoy many trouble-free miles of enjoying your new vehicle, so we put together this look at what voids your vehicle warranty so you can be armed with the knowledge you need to keep that important automaker's warranty in full force.


Another problem area is when you have aftermarket parts or products installed on your car while your vehicle is still under warranty. This can include anything from high performance exhaust or tuner software to aftermarket shocks. However, the automaker cannot deny a warranty claim or void your warranty because you have installed an aftermarket product. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act was enacted in 1975 and states that if a customer installs such items when the car was new, and the car fails as a result, the warranty must remain in force. The Federal Trade Commission provides a similar advisory stating that in such as case, the automaker has to provide proof that the failure was caused by the installation of the specific aftermarket product.  
The Bottom Line 
If you want to keep your warranty intact, read it completely from cover to cover and understand it. Make sure you know what is covered and what is not. Follow the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. Check your Owner's Manual for details. Keep all your service records and receipts for repairs. 

Before you do any mods to your car, truck or SUV that are outside the auspices of your automaker's recommendations, consult the trained professionals at Lithia Motors. We've got a Lithia Auto dealer near you and we can service your vehicle to make sure you don't accidentally void your warranty.