America's Top 10 Best-selling Cars, Trucks and SUVs

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Man standing on top of a car
The figures are in and for the year 2020 Americans once again purchased more pickup trucks and SUVs than any other vehicles. We have a theory about this. See what you think. We Americans love the feeling of independence and sitting on top of the world. We enjoy command seating and the elevated view that trucks and SUVs provide us (think leaning off the bow of a ship with your arms spread wide to the tunes of Celine Dion). The mere thought that we could escape any traffic jam or take off on roads less traveled by simply engaging the four-wheel drive and driving off into the sunset excites us. Especially in times of COVID-19 when so many of the freedoms we appreciate so much have been put on hold, what could be better to stir the soul than getting behind the wheel of a truck to make us feel large and in charge? Plus, trucks and SUVs offer more storage space to haul TP and hand sanitizer.  

All kidding aside, the best-selling vehicles in America are indeed pickup trucks and SUVs. As you will discover in this top 10 list of best-selling cars, trucks and compact SUVs of last year, a sedan doesn't even crack the top five. Our top 10 list accounts for an impressive 28% of all car sales last year.   

Out of approximately 300 auto models sold in the U.S., we present to you the top 10 best-selling Cars, Pickups and SUVs. The following list is based on vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2020 ranked by full-year sales according to Motor Intelligence U.S. Market New Vehicles Deliveries Report.