Best Midsize Pickup Trucks

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Man leaning on bed of truck
No doubt about it, Americans love their pickup trucks and the midsize range of trucks are among the best-selling vehicles every year. In fact, last year nearly three million pickups rolled out of U.S. dealer's lots and into eager customers' hands. Pickup trucks now account for over 20% of the new car market. 

A combination of style and technical improvements are helping consumers make the switch to trucks in record numbers. Buyers today are looking at trucks as comfortable transport, not just work vehicles. New trucks also offer the latest in infotainment features and impressive driver assist tech such as blind spot alert, rear cross-traffic warning, automatic emergency braking, and cameras that aid in driving and parking. 

Mid-Size Rundown

With all that in mind, we wanted to put together a rundown of the very best selling and best rated midsize pickups of 2021 for you to check out and compare. Each offers most of the utility and comfort of a full-size truck, including excellent towing capacity, but in a package that is much easier to drive and maneuver. 

With available four-wheel-drive, these trucks can take you wherever you want to go, from weekend adventures, to hauling heavy duty supplies and equipment. Many of the trucks on our best of list can tow over 7,000 pounds. Not bad for a midsize workhorse. And most are amazingly fuel-efficient to boot. Our list of the best rated midsize pickup trucks to buy for 2021 is presented in alphabetical order by manufacturer. You'll find all of these and more right here at Lithia Motors. 

Last year the Toyota Tacoma dominated midsize truck sales by more than two to one, capturing 39.3% of the market. The Ford Ranger was in the second place spot and the Chevrolet Colorado came in third, followed by the GMC Canyon. Jeep had a big year with its Gladiator, selling 77,542 units, a 93.7% gain over the truck's debut in 2019. The year 2020 was also a big year for midsize trucks stepping up their act. The Nissan Frontier got a new standard V6, the Jeep Gladiator debuted and the Toyota Tacoma got an updated infotainment system to add to its many accomplished features. For 2021 you'll find some updates and refreshed designs to almost every truck in our list including facelifts and new options.