Best New Car Leftovers for 2020

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Find the Best Remaining 2020 New Car Models

You've all seen the ads and commercials; "These cars must go to make way for 2021 models!" Yes, as we close out the year, there are great car deals to be had on brand new cars that were the best vehicles in terms of safety, reliability, technology and fun last year. But which cars are the best leftovers from 2020 model year vehicles? has scoped out the best of the best and they await you here. You can find them all at a Lithia Auto Dealer near you.

For this look at the best deals on 2020 vehicles in dealerships across the land, we have broken up the list by Premium Cars (sedans) and Premium SUVs, as well as Mainstream Cars, SUVs and Trucks. We've also listed the base model manufacturer's suggested retail price, the miles per gallon range and what the typical cash back incentive might be to buy a 2020 model from the dealer. Most new car buyers are interested in getting the latest model year, which means dealers are pressured to get last year's model off their lots in a hurry. To do this they'll offer cash-back and lease deals that are very attractive to entice buyers. This is especially true if the body style of a particular model will be changing in the upcoming year or if the model is being discontinued.

One thing to keep in mind when buying a car in a model year closeout is that the Bluebook value will be depreciated as one model year older. This may mean a slight difference in the resale value when you go to sell it in a few years. But, this could also be a positive factor also as the vehicle is a model year older but the miles on it are much lower.

Top Rated Cars, SUVs and Trucks

The following cars were all rated as number one in their class for best quality in 2020 by the American data analytics and consumer intelligence company, J.D. Power. The company analyzes millions of individual data points and summarizes the collective feedback from actual new-vehicle owners to help consumers make smart decisions. These vehicles are all top rated, brand new, and waiting at your Lithia Auto Dealer lots at considerable savings off the original MSRP. Take a look!

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