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When you are thinking about buying a new car it's a good idea to know what the vehicle's predicted resale value will be five years into the future when you're thinking about selling it. The resale value of your car tells you many things. It is a roadmap for its value that speaks volumes on levels of consumer confidence, ongoing reliability, high safety ratings, above average standards of workmanship and quality, even consistency in high tech features and vehicle design that ages little over those five years of ownership.

Getting the Most Back when you Sell

For this article, we researched best resale value guides from such industry leaders as Kelley Blue Book, JD Powers, Motor Trend, Intellichoice, and CarEdge to gain insights regarding auto depreciation and which cars keep their value the most.

These companies rank hundreds of vehicle makes and models semi-annually, analyzing car listings and vehicle data points. Kelley Blue Book even produces an annual best resale value awards for cars, trucks, and SUVs. This information will come in handy when you decide which make and model to buy and may get you more money when you decide to sell.
Top 10 Best Resale Value Vehicles
Let's start with KBB's Best Resale Value Awards. Kelley Blue Book recognizes ten top vehicles each year projected to retain the overall highest percentage of their original Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The following vehicles retain their value better than 95 percent of all other models available today. The average car in America will only be worth 40 percent of its original sticker price after five years. The vehicles listed below are predicted to keep anywhere from 56 percent up to 70 percent of their resale value. Pretty amazing.
The following top 10 vehicles with the most resale value will save you money down the road. Note that the value for resale is based on buying the vehicle new and selling it in five years. Interestingly, the top four are all pickup trucks. And the winners are:
Cars with the Best Resale Value
Having looked at the top ten best overall automobiles regardless of the type of vehicle, now let's focus on cars. Today, that means sedans and sports cars. We'll list SUVs separately. For 2022 models, the top five best resale values for sedans and sports cars in our cross reference of all current car models go to:
SUVs with the Best Resale Value
In recent years crossovers and SUVs have taken the place of the family station wagon and minivan for hauling the entire family. The following top five SUVs have the highest scores for resale percentages over the next five years.
 Brands with the Best Resale Value
When it comes to ranking all the vehicles in a particular automobile brand's stable, the following five automakers are in the top five for best overall resale value over a five-year period. These brands offer reliable, safe vehicles that hold their value well over time.
Known for their reliability, Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs consistently rank at the top of popular car brands. The Toyota Tacoma, Highlander, and 4Runner rank very high in resale value. Our rankings consider new and used prices of vehicles, maintenance costs, and overall predictable expenses. KBB also ranks Toyota as number one for best resale value by brand.
Subaru is known for producing safe, reliable vehicles and ranks very high in retained value after three, five, and even seven years of ownership. Among its high ranking vehicles when it comes to resale value is the Outback, Impreza, and Crosstrek models. Subarus are often chosen by consumers looking for long-term value.
The Honda Civic and CR-V lead the automaker's lineup for holding their resale value. The word that best sums up a Honda vehicle is "reliable." Car shoppers who are value conscience often purchase Honda vehicles because they are known for their ability to keep going and going mile after mile with very few problems or maintenance issues.
In the last few years Mazda's resale values have improved. Enough so, that they are now in our top five best brands for resale value. Mazda's CX-3 and MX-5 lead its outstanding lineup of vehicles.
The venerable German automaker known for outstanding engineering and reliability, VW continually scores in the top half of vehicle manufacturers for value retention after three, five, and seven years.
Let Lithia Help
The bottom line with any listing of cars and brands that offer excellent resale value comes down to getting the most for your vehicle when it is time to trade it for another car. All the material in this article is based on predicted values from auto industry leaders and experienced automotive analysts that review statistical models based on a high volume of transactions.
If a vehicle has a high resale value, it will be worth more over the long haul and generally offers a car that ranks high in safety and reliability as well. All that results in purchasing a vehicle that bring you peace of mind for many happy miles. With over 75 years of expertise in the business or personal transportation, Lithia Motors is here to help you choose the right car, truck, or SUV for you and your family.