How to be a Used Car Detective

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Purchasing a Used Car
Find the Best Used Car  
At, we think that buying a car should be fun. Something you even look forward to. But for many car shoppers, the entire process of finding a good deal on a used car can be a troublesome and worrisome task. That's why we're going to teach you how to be a used car detective; a Sherlock of selection or a Poirot of purchasing. Here's a quick guide to sleuthing out a winning ride without the hassle.  

Car shopping doesn't have to be difficult. Today, there is more information available to buyers than ever before. The key is to make buying a used car a simple, focused process, not a quick and harried decision. As the venerable Sherlock Holmes was fond of saying, "You see but you do not observe." We're about to change all that so that you can find the best deal on a used car the easy way.  
At Driveway, we think buying, selling, and getting service on your car should be easy and convenient. So, Driveway has reimagined the experience to be all about you. Driveway is flexible. Now you can buy, sell and service your car from anywhere; from the supermarket, the gym or the comfort of your couch. We have a nationwide selection with tens of thousands of cars available so you can find the ride that suits your taste and budget.   

When you buy from Driveway there is no pressure or haggling. We offer the best price up front, a no worry, seven-day money back guarantee and we deliver your new car right to you.  

When you are ready to sell or trade your present car, we'll give you an instant online offer or credit toward your new ride. We'll always be transparent on how we determine your trade-in value. Just schedule a time and place that works for you. We'll pick up your trade-in car, do the paperwork and take care of all the rest of the details.  

If you have wonky brakes or troublesome tires, we've got your back. Schedule your auto service right from your smartphone. We'll pick up your car, service it and drop it back off to you, as good as new. And the loaner car is on us so your life won't skip a beat.   

Driveway is all about convenience, delivered right to your driveway. We take the hassle out of the entire car buying, selling and servicing experience. To find out more visit Driveway.