Car Leasing Glossary

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What's it all mean?
Comedian Steve Martin has a hard time wrapping his mouth around the French language. He has famously said, "It's like the French have a different word for everything!" The same could be said for the many terms used in auto leasing. When looking over a car lease contract, leasing terms run the gamut from being just mildly confusing, all the way to downright puzzling. It's like these car leasing folks have a different term for everything! 

Well, fear not, Lithia Motors is here with a gallant Glossary of Car Lease Terminology that will make it quick and simple for you to decipher even the most obscure lease documents with ease. What's a Dealer Prep Fee? What does Early Termination mean? What the heck is an Inception Fee? Discover these terms and many more right here. 

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