How to Avoid a Dead Car Battery

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Dead Car Battery
You're late for an important meeting. You rush out of the house, fumble with the keys, spill your coffee and get out to the car only to hear that most-feared sound when you try to start the car. Nothing. It just sits there. You blink. Your mind reels. How can this be happening? The battery in your car is dead.
What can you do to avoid a dead car battery? How long do car batteries last? What can you do to extend the life of your battery? How do you keep a car battery fully charged? Lithia Auto is here with the answers.

Let Lithia Help
Remember, you can keep your car battery charged by driving your car just 30 minutes a week. The best thing to do is to drive it at highway speeds for at least a half an hour per week to keep the battery charged.
At Lithia Auto, we hope you never have to deal with a dead battery and suggest you ask your certified Lithia auto technician to check your battery every time you come by for an oil change. Getting your battery tested and maintained will extend its life and keep you rolling down the road.