Top Tips to make your Car Run Forever

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Dad working on car, daughter helping
Improved automobile technology has made it possible for today's cars to last a very long time with a minimum of maintenance. It really is remarkable. And, according to industry surveys, approximately 20 million cars on the roads of America are over 25 years old. That speaks highly of the quality of cars that have been manufactured in the past 25 years.
Another interesting fact is that the average American keeps their car for six and a half years. With that in mind, preventative maintenance is more important than ever to keep your car, whatever its age, in tip top shape. So, what do you do to keep your vehicle running for the long haul? What can you do to keep your car running forever? Let's find out.

The Road Ahead.

At Lithia Motors, our service professionals check all your vehicle's fluids and all of the items listed above when they service your car as well as check to see if you need a tire rotation, check the tire pressure and brake pads for wear, check all your exterior lights, check the horn, check for any engine codes and more.
Make sure to consult the owner's manual for all special service needs by mileage such as a radiator flush, change of brake fluid, transmission service, replacing spark plugs, belts, etc. Your local Lithia dealer will have the service intervals of your make and model vehicle on file and can set up a preventative maintenance schedule for you to make sure your car is safe and properly maintained for many happy miles to come.