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Above all, parents want their kids to be safe. This basic need has created an entire industry dedicated to creating ever-safer infant and child car seats. With today's forward-thinking auto technology from manufacturers and the latest high tech child car seats, you don't need to worry about accidentally leaving your child in the car, installing the child seat safely and correctly, or having your child come unbuckled while you're driving.
All major automakers have agreed to equip nearly all U.S. vehicles with safety systems by 2025 that alert drivers of any passengers left in the back seat. These will include an audible alert and visual reminder on the dashboard to check for a child before exiting the car. The hope is that this "passenger check" system will eliminate drivers leaving children or pets in hot cars.

Parents and Kids Connected

High tech child car seats include the latest technology to keep kids safe. TOMY International recently released its new First Years True Fit IAlert Convertible Car Seat that syncs up with a parent's smartphone to provide feedback on the installation of the seat and tells the parent if their child is in the seat or not.
In a press release for the product, TOMY explains, "Each year, thousands of infants and children are killed or injured in motor vehicles, many of those fatalities as a result of an improperly installed car seat or a child who is improperly restrained while the vehicle is in motion." The new child car seat hopes to help parents to use the car seat properly and protect kids through better car seat safety.
The app that links the TOMY IAlert car seat to a parent's smartphone is available for iPhone and Android devices. The IAlert car seat can be used as a rear-facing infant seat or a forward-facing toddler seat and fits children from five to 65 pounds.
According to Kelly Blue Book, "The advisory process for this innovative child car seat starts with it verifying the recommended angle orientation when being installed in the rear-facing position, which is followed by a reminder to properly buckle up all restraints. It also delivers immediate audible and visual warning alerts if a child exits the seat while the vehicle is moving or is left unattended when the car is stopped. Finally, the synched IAlert seat constantly displays ambient temperature in the rear quarters to help prevent heatstroke, which currently is the leading cause of non-crash-related infant car deaths - or other types of heat-induced issues."
You'll find the IAlert child car seat on Amazon with a retail price of S349.99