Prepping for a Safe Road Trip in the Age of Covid

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Prepping for a Safe Road trip during COVID

Prepping for a Safe Road Trip in the Age of Covid 
They are the two words that conjure up visions of endless highways and promising adventures… road trip! There is nothing like packing up the car and hitting the road to experience the awe and wonder that this great country has to offer. We want you to make your road trip a safe and fun journey no matter where you are headed. Because of the pandemic, fewer Americans are traveling, but when traveling, 80% are getting there by car. Besides just prepping for a safe road trip, we also want to include an extra layer of caution due to Covid-19 rules and regulations:

  • First, it is more important now to book hotel reservations beforehand and check on their ability to cope with the virus. 
  • All states are different so check your destination's most current Covid-related restrictions. 
  • Some destinations require that you have proof of a negative Covid-19 test or quarantine. 

The Federal Highway Administration has a directory of state transportation websites, which have the latest information about state-specific coronavirus-related changes. Consider these tips to reduce your risk of getting Covid-19:

The road ahead 
Be prepared for changing road conditions and bad weather. You can download a weather app to your smartphone to keep tabs on moving storms. This will also help you plan alternative routes if need be.  We want you to have a fun, safe and rewarding road trip so please keep all the tips listed here in mind when planning your next one. Because at Lithia Auto Dealers, we want to keep you as a customer for life.