Top Five Car Accident Causes

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Why We Crash!
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the United States suffers the most deaths due to automobile accidents each year compared to Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan. In fact, we have 50 percent more deaths than any other high-income country. Each year, over 46,000 people die due to car crashes on American roads. An additional 4.4 million people are injured each year seriously enough to require medical attention and we spend over $871 billion each year on car crashes, $380 million of which goes to direct medical costs.
In total, there are approximately six million car accidents in America each year. That's about 15,000 accidents each day. The number one thing to take away from this article is that the vast majority of automobile accidents can be avoided. As you will see in this listing of the Top Five Car Accident Causes, human error is the main reason for most car crashes. While driver assist features are helping us lower the incidents of collisions, there is still much we can each do to be safe on the road. We think that knowing the top causes of car accidents may help you to think about your own driving habits in order to avoid them.
Other Factors
Not all car crashes are the result of human error. Inclement weather causes plenty of accidents. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, and fog can create hazardous conditions that reduce visibility and tire traction. Likewise, driving at night doubles your risk of an accident and night driving can lead to drowsiness. The inability to see well at night makes it easier to run into pedestrians or animals and makes it easier to make mistakes while passing other vehicles.
Being unfamiliar with where you are driving can also lead to improper turns or even going the wrong way on a one-way street. When approaching an intersection, make sure you are in the correct lane if you are making a turn. Road conditions and poorly maintained roads can cause you to swerve, may cause flat tires, and even accidents. In conclusion, in order to avoid most accident situations, stay alert, pay attention, obey the rules of the road, practice safe driving, and take your time. Because at Lithia Motors, we want you as a customer for a very long and happy life.