Top Five Family Cars

Family getting ready for a trip loading up SUV
For many, SUVs have become the family car of choice, edging out sedans and station wagons, even mini-vans. Full-size SUVs like the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban have to appeal to larger families for their generous cargo-carrying capacity, towing capability, and 3-row seating. Many of these attributes are also present in car-based Crossovers and these Crossover SUVs bring families plenty of comfort and high tech safety features at an affordable price. Finding the perfect family car is easier these days thanks to the Internet where reviews abound, but the car that will be perfect for your family really depends on your specific wants and desires.  At we understand that completely because we have families too, and that's why we decided to bring you our list of the Top 5 Family Cars for 2021.

What makes a good family car? Key elements include safety, value, reputation, how it drives, comfort, convenience and cargo space as well as how well the vehicle handles child seats and such technology as automatic lift-gates and driver assist features. Here is what we were looking for in a great family car. After a very detailed search of over 50 top-rated vehicles, we proudly present to you our choice of the Top 5 Family Cars across all models. Our best picks include a 2nd row and 3rd row SUV, Minivan (it's even a Hybrid) Station wagon and Family sedan:

What Makes a Good Family Car?

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The bottom line
Overall, we looked for vehicles that offer the most benefits for our families. We gave extra points for useful and innovative features such as hands-free liftgates, well-placed inside lighting, and anything that improves the driving experience for you and yours.