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Used Cars Lined up
For Buying or Selling, It Pays To Know Used Car Milestones
Whether you are thinking of selling your present car or buying a used car, it's important to know and understand the used car milestones that will affect what you can get for your trade-in and what you should pay for a quality used car. These auto milestones will tell you a lot about what dealerships are looking for mileage wise in your trade-in and also arm you with knowledge regarding the car you are thinking of buying, based on its mileage and condition. These milestones have a lot to do with what you will end up paying and understanding them can save you money. 

The Road Ahead

Today's cars last a lot longer than their predecessors. Better manufacturing methods, materials and technology is changing traditional car milestones. For instance, most cars today will still be running with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. You don't generally even have to change the spark plugs or give the car a transmission service these days until it has reached the 100,000-mile mark. 

Get a Free Appraisal

Thinking of selling your car? Your local Lithia Auto Dealership will be happy to give you a free appraisal of your car. Just stop in and one of our sales associates will examine your car, then run the vehicle identification number through our vehicle history database. 

You can also find out the basic trade-in value of your car right here. Remember to check the overall value of the make, model and year of your trade-in based on its trim level, engine size, mileage, and condition. Get my trade-in value

At Lithia Motors, we take the worry out of trading in your car whether you're looking for cash for your vehicle or to use it in trade to buy a new or used automobile or to lease a new car. Find a Lithia Auto Dealer near you by checking our Dealer Locater.