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Car in Driveway
Sell your car in your slippers
Most new car buyers have a used car they'd like to trade in. Your options are to sell it yourself to a private party, trade it in at an auto dealer, or let Driveway handle the whole transaction for you with no haggle and no hassle. This third option lets you buy, sell, trade, or service your vehicle with a click of your smartphone or laptop, right from the comfort of your home while wearing your slippers if you like. More on Driveway in a moment.

What is My Trade in Value?

Whether you sell or trade your vehicle, and whether you sell to a private individual or go through a car dealership, you should first get a reliable estimate of your car's trade in value. That's the only way to know if an offer on your car is reasonable. You can find the approximate trade in value of your car by looking it up through online pricing guides like Kelley Blue Book. Remember to accurately include all options, the correct mileage and the appropriate condition level. Keep in mind that pricing guide figures could be off by thousands of dollars depending on the condition of your car, the location, and even the time of year. If you check three different pricing guides, you'll get three different prices.

At Driveway, we'll give you an offer on your vehicle, be completely transparent on how we calculated your car's worth, and our offer is good for seven days.

Selling to a Dealer

When dealing with auto dealers, get multiple offers. If you are selling your car to a dealership or buying a car from a dealership, it is worth the time to drive around and get offers from three different dealers in order to maximize your savings. You'll also get more for your car if the dealer sells your specific make of car. That's because people tend to shop and purchase by brand. The dealer can offer you a better price because they'll be selling your car on its used lot rather than having to sell it wholesale to another dealer.

If your car is over five years old or has over 75,000 miles on the odometer, chances are that a new car dealership will not put that car for sale on its lot. They will sell the car wholesale to an independent used car dealer or at an auction. The dealer will act as a middleman and make a few dollars while you get less for your trade-in.
Cut to the chase with Driveway
Driveway is an instant buying, selling, trading, and maintenance service offered through Lithia Motors, the leader in all your personal transportation needs. Rather than jumping through all the hoops of documentation and paperwork, let Driveway buy your car. We'll give you an instant cash offer and show you exactly how we determine the value of your car. Get an offer you can trust and a guaranteed price that's good for seven days.
Get the most value with an instant offer.

Sell or Trade Your Car Now!
Instant online offers, fast payment, and no-hassle pickup in your driveway.  Selling your car has never been easier.  
Get Started

Tell us about your car 
  • Use your license plate or VIN to get a guaranteed offer, or get an estimate with your year, make, model and trim. 
  • Share basic details: mileage, color, options, and condition. 
  • Get a competitive, no-hassle offer based on your vehicle details and availability of similar cars in your area. 

Get an instant offer 
  • Score a competitive offer immediately.   
  • Get paid via check or bank transfer, or opt for trade-in credit towards a Driveway vehicle. 
  • Need time to decide? Your offer is valid for seven days. 

We come to you
  • Schedule a pickup time and place that works for you.
  • Our Driveway valet gives your car a quick walk-through and test drive, in about 30 minutes or less. You'll need the keys, your photo ID, title, and vehicle registration. And don't forget, we need everyone listed on the title and registration to be present. 
  • Sign the paperwork on site, and we take care of the rest for you.

Ready to turn your car into a payday?