How To Set the Right Price To Sell Your Used Car

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Thinking of selling your used car? How do you determine the right selling price? Whether you intend to sell to an auto dealer or to a private party, you'll need to figure out how to price your car. In a private sale, if your asking price is too high you might not get any calls. Price it too low and you'll be leaving money on the table.
Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat.
The good news is that used cars are going for top dollar today and you might be surprised at how much you can get from a Lithia Auto dealer. Your first step in pricing your car is to find out the wholesale value of your vehicle. In the old days, you'd have to travel around to two or three dealerships to get them to make you an offer for car valuation. Not anymore! You can find out the wholesale price of your car right here on this site.

Let Lithia Help get you on the Road

Whether you're looking to trade in your present car for a new, used or certified-pre-owned vehicle, Lithia Motors has your back. And if you are interested in selling your car, we want to buy it. Get started right here.