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When you're thinking about selling your car, the first thing you need to know is what the value of your vehicle really is. These days, getting an estimate of your car's value is super easy thanks to online tools such as our Value Calculator. Lithia Motors works with industry leaders Kelley Blue Book to provide a calculator that will determine your vehicle's worth, quick and easy.
Automobile Values
The approximate price you can get for your car, truck, or SUV depends on how you decide to sell it, if you are trading it in for another vehicle or selling it outright to a private person. Here are the values you'll be interested in knowing.
The trade-in value or wholesale value is generally the lowest amount you will be offered for your car by a dealership or by online car buying services. This will let you know how much you will likely be offered in trade at a dealership. By trading in your car for another car, you'll save money on taxes in most states.
Resale value is the amount you could possibly get if selling your car to a private person. This amount is typically more than the trade-in value. However, in recent years, skyrocketing used car prices could mean you'll get more for your used car than you might think.
Then there's the dealer retail price. This is an even higher figure that tells you what a car dealership will ask for the car, figuring in the dealer's profit. The highest value is known as the certified pre-owned value, and it is how much you would pay for an inspected and certified used vehicle that includes a bumper-to-bumper warranty.
Car buying and selling services such as Driveway will give you an instant offer for your vehicle that is good for seven days. You can get cash for your car or use it as a trade-in for another vehicle through Driveway.

Trade-in Value Calculator Tool

At Lithia Motors we want your trade-in car, and we pay our top dollar for quality used vehicles. You can see the market value of your car today. We want you to look at the same data that we use to determine the value of your car. In just two steps and ten seconds, you can skip the research process and all the guesswork.
First, you'll need to know the year, make, model, and trim level of your vehicle. This can be found in your Owner's Manual, on your car's registration or Title, or by using your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You'll want to enter your car's color and any optional equipment it may have since these details affect the vehicle's value. Options may be things such as heated seats, leather upholstery, or a sunroof. These optional extras are sometimes part of a special package.
Two of the most important details in determining your vehicle's value are its condition and mileage. Pricing guides such as those used by Kelley Blue Book allow you to enter the condition level of your car. People tend to overestimate how good the condition of their car really is. It's best to be honest.
Even the value due to mileage has changed in recent years. That's because newer cars last longer than your dad's cars used to. There was a time when you'd never consider buying a car with 70,000 miles on the odometer. Many of today's cars can take you 300,000 miles. For that reason, even high mileage cars may be worth more than you'd think.

Get an Offer from Driveway

Ready to get an instant cash offer for your car? Driveway gives instant online offers, fast payment, and no-hassle pickup from your driveway. Use your car's VIN number or enter the year, make, model and trim as well as such details as the mileage, color, options, and condition and Driveway will give you a competitive instant offer based on your vehicle's details and availability of similar cars in your area.
Driveway will pay you via check or bank transfer or you can use the offer amount for trade-in towards a Driveway vehicle. Need time to decide? Your offer is good for seven days.
Ready to get started? 
See what your Car is Worth Today!
Our easy-to-use car value calculator shows you the trade-in value as well as private party and even certified pre-owned car pricing. Get started by simply entering your car's year, make, model, and trim here.