Tips to Sell your Car at a Dealer

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Tips to Sell your Car at a Dealer
For Buying or Selling, it Pays to know these Used Car Milestones
As we all know, now more than ever, time is money. While going to the trouble of selling a car yourself can sometimes get a little more money in your pocket, the time and effort involved in creating an ad for your car, listing it and then having to watch prospective buyers pick over your vehicle, is seldom worth all the extra trouble. Especially today, more people who are buying or selling a car take to the Internet for help.  At Lithia Auto Dealers, we take the guesswork out of buying or selling a car. You can search your local Lithia dealer's lot online to find the right car for you, and also discover your trade-in value. 

It's important to know your trade-in's worth before you go to a dealer. Take a look at the following tips for selling your car to a dealer and before you consider selling your car, it really pays to know the used car milestones that will affect what you can get for your trade-in. The following will help make selling your car a fast, easy and profitable experience.  

When you are selling a used car, it's important to know the used car milestones that make a difference to a dealer. It's also good to know these milestones if you are thinking of buying a used car as they have a lot to do with what you will end up paying. Understanding these used car milestones can save you money.  

Trading in your Car  
Once you know your trade-in's value and you've considered how your car's mileage milestones will affect what you can get for the car, here's what you'll need to bring to the dealership with you.  

When trading in your car, make sure you bring the following to your local Lithia Auto Dealership:  
  • The car title and registration  
  • Proof of car insurance  
  • Your Driver's License  
  • Maintenance records  
  • Loan payoff information (if applicable)  

Preparing the Car  
Washing and waxing the car is a good idea. It shows the dealer that you take good care of the car. You may even want to spring for a detailed job. Be sure to vacuum the interior and remove all personal belongings. Check all storage compartments and the trunk to make sure you don't leave anything behind. It is also best to repair any minor dents or imperfections on the vehicle if possible, because it again shows that you have maintained the car well.   
Get a Free Appraisal  
Your local Lithia Auto Dealership will be happy to give you a free appraisal of your car. Just stop in and one of our sales associates will examine your car, then take down the vehicle identification number to run it through our vehicle history database. You may also go to our website to find out the basic trade-in value of your trade-in. Remember to check the overall value of the make, model and year of your trade-in based on its trim level, engine size and mileage at 

At Lithia Auto Dealers, we take the worry out of trading in your car whether you're looking for cash for your vehicle or to use it in trade to buy a new or used automobile or to lease a new car. Find a Lithia Auto Dealer near you by checking our Dealer Locator here at