Why Selling to a Car Dealer is the Best Option

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Why Selling to a Car Dealer is the Best Option
Why Selling to a Car Dealer is the Best Option 
Most new car buyers have a used car they'd like to trade in. Your options are to sell it yourself to a private party or trade it in at an auto dealer. On the other hand, maybe you want to sell your present car for cash. In any event, you'll find that today, the best option is to sell your car to a dealer. Why is it best to sell your car to a dealer? Lithia Auto has the answer. 

Why Sell to Lithia Auto?

Rather than going through the time consuming and stressful processes of selling your car to a private person, Lithia Auto will offer you the best value for your used car. Why sell to Lithia Auto?   

  • Speed: Selling your car to Lithia Auto is the fastest way to get paid for your used vehicle. We love adding pre-owned cars to our dealerships because nearly 70 percent of annual car sales are used cars! We'll get your transaction done quickly, efficiently, with no haggle and no hassle. Selling to a private person can take weeks or months. At Lithia Auto, you can get cash today! 
  • It's easy: Drive into one of our dealerships near you and leave with cash in hand. It's that simple. No wasting time posting ads for your car, dealing with the DMV, coming up with a Bill of Sale and "as-is" document. No dealing with shady buyers, test drives and haggling with them over your ride. No danger of getting ripped off on the sale of your car or getting scammed by fraudulent checks. 
  • Peace of mind: Once you sign the terms of sale and get your money, you don't have to worry about your old car anymore. With a private sale, you may still be liable for vehicle problems, held responsible and even be sued by the buyer. Plus, if you sell us your car as a trade-in, you may get a tax credit worth thousands of dollars. Rebates can add up to even more savings.
Lithia Auto buys cars every day and we've been at it since 1946. We're used to doing all the paperwork for you and we're good at it. We'll handle all the financial arrangements. Plus, if your car needs any repairs, we're capable of fixing them so you don't have to. Lithia Auto would be happy to buy your car for cash or trade it in to start your next transportation adventure. We are completely transparent with no tricks and no haggling. We show you exactly how we determine the value of your vehicle. Ditch the classifieds and questionable meetups. Our professional staff is fully vetted and ready to buy your car.