Coming Soon: 2022 Honda Civic Type R

New 2022 Honda Civic Type-R
The venerable Honda Civic has a proud history. It came from humble beginnings, a subcompact for the masses. It was born in 1972 as a two-door sedan, introduced in Japan in 1973 as the Shibikku (which literally means, well… Civic).  

Over the years, the Civic has been available in many configurations and today can be had as a coupe, a hatchback or a sedan. Known for its fuel efficiency and reliable good nature, the little front-wheel drive car has gone from a sturdy commuter to a compact people mover, to a more upscale road warrior in order to take on a more performance spin in trim levels known as the Civic VTi, the GTi… and the Civic Type R.  

Honda Civic Type-R

Now, as the proud Honda sedan turns 60 years old and debuts the 11th generation Civic, a new hot hatch Type R is poised to burn up the road in a fancy new dress. As we enter 2022, Honda is at the top of its game, having sold nearly 20 million of the little Civics in all these years and last year, the Civic was the number one car sold in California. The new Civic will debut later this year in its eleventh generation, an evolution that has taken us from the gentle tortilla of cars to this new hot tamale.  

The Price?
Honda will be wise to keep this flaming red chili pepper just under 40K. Will they? Time will tell. What soon awaits you is a trim new Type R that is easier on the eyes but that will still rocket you from zero to 60 miles per hour in about five seconds. As we said, leaving you both shaken and stirred.
As of this writing, there is much that we don't know about the new Type R, but what we do know is pretty impressive. The car that defined the hot hatchback is positively on fire in its new livery. Gone is the jumped up pimply teen with a chip on his shoulder as seen in its tenth incarnation. He's been replaced by a more mature and well-muscled suitor for our affections. Think of a Honda Accord on steroids, more Daniel Craig than Sean Connery. Either way, the new Type R promises to leave you both shaken and stirred.