2023 Hyundai RM20 N

2023 Hyundai Project RM Concept Car on a track
A New Rocket in your Pocket
It seems that the engineers at Hyundai are having a lot of fun designing a new platform for high performance cars these days. They kicked off with the excellent Veloster N in 2013 and are now following up with a genuine mid-engine sports car in the guise of the all-new RM20 N. This nimble road rocket will be coming to dealer showrooms in 2023.

We recently got to check out a fire-breathing mid-engine prototype and were highly impressed. Rumor has it that the actual production version of the RM20 N may be calmed down a touch by reducing the horsepower of the prototype's 390 horsepower. Still, this lightweight road warrior will be poised to compete with other mid engine cars such as the wondrous Porsche 718 Boxster and the Chevy C8 Corvette but at less than half the price.

Racing Midship

Based on the RM19 concept car that debuted at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, the RM20 N (which sounds like a receipt number for dry cleaning - the "N" means "extra starch.") is said by Hyundai to be a "rolling test lab" for its high-performance technologies. The RM actually stands for Racing Midship and once reaching advanced research stage, the RM vehicles were put through road tests to validate newly developed technologies and observe their effects on performance to improve future N models.
Performance Tests
Hyundai says that the RM series adopted the designs of existing models to enable performance tests without having to camouflage upcoming car models. The lowered front with extended hood, slim headlights, and wide air intakes will give the RM20 N an aggressive look. At the same time, the rear spoiler, with optimized aerodynamics and extended air intakes, will display the characteristics of this new powerful mid-engine hot rod.
Many of the features on the new RM20 N debuted with the RM14. It was the forerunner for all "N" models with its electronically controlled supercharger for increased performance and corner carving electronic limited-slip differential. All of the N series cars are known for delivering a heightened driving experience. In other words, these cars are fun to drive!

Pricing & Summary
Rumor has it that the RM20 N's MSRP will start at around $40,000. If that is indeed the case, it will place this pavement pounder in a very affordable landscape, especially when competing with those mid-engine Corvettes and Porsches on the track. Keep an eye out for this newest member of the RM family at your local Hyundai dealer, coming in 2023.