2023 Corvette Z06

All New 2023 Corvette Zo06 in Amplify Orange
A Fighter Jet for the Road 
A while back we did a road test of the new mid-engine, wide body, eighth generation Chevy Corvette, and we were blown away by the car. You can check out the entire road test right here in the Research Center under Road Tests. The new roadster offers supercar zero to 60 times at a fraction of the cost of any other new race-ready vehicle on the road. It is a Ferrari at a Chevy price. But now Chevrolet will up the ante once more with the blisteringly fast Z06 coming for 2023. 
Since 1963, the Z06 has been the ultimate high-performance version of the two-seater Corvette. The idea was to offer a version of the car that customers could actually take to the racetrack. In the early days this package included a thicker front stabilizer bar, beefier shocks and springs, upgraded brakes, a bigger gas tank, and a 360 horsepower, 327 cubic inch small block motor with advanced fuel-injection. 

When developing the new C8 mid-engine Vette, the idea right from the start was to design a car that would be more than capable to rule the racetrack. According to the executive chief engineer for Corvette, Tadge Juechter, "When we went mid-engine, the justification for it wasn't the standard car." As it turns out, the focus was to create a true enthusiast's supercar. "The higher-horsepower cars benefit the most from getting all of that traction in the back," Juechter says. 

First Look

With its naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V8 engine planted right behind the driver, the Z06 is like no Corvette that has come before. You'll notice right away that it is much wider than Stingrays of old with massive air intakes and a unique rear wing. It also has a sound all its own; a howling banshee that will cause the hair on your arms to stand at attention. One look tells you that this Vette means serious business

The engine is married to an excellent eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and rear wheel drive in true tire-squealing tradition. It produces a whopping 670 horsepower and revs to 8,600 rpm. More powerful brakes and sticky tires make sure this Z06 will corner like a go-kart, stop on a dime, and give you five cents change. It comes with 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels made from forged aluminum. Carbon-fiber wheels are an option to further reduce weight and improve lap times. Chevy worked with Michelin to develop a new version of its awesome Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires specifically for the Z06. 

The strengthened chassis is race-ready, too. Stiffer engine mounts provide more road feel to the driver and enable quicker shifts. Spring rates are stiffer as are control-arm bushings. This all translates to superb control on both the highway and the track. 

Heart of the Beast

The motor. Ahh, the motor. This is… fanfare please… the highest horsepower naturally aspirated V8 ever installed in a production car. Period. In a world filled with turbocharged wonders, this double-overhead-cam 5.5-liter V8 was forged to become a legend. We said it earlier, but we'll say it again… 670 horses at your command with 460 pound-feet of torque. 

Yes, the last Vette to wear the Z06 badge was supercharged, but the idea here is to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the high-revving LS7 ruled the roost. This one is for the purists out there, and it is flawless. Every one of the all-new LT6 flat-plane-crank engines is run on a dyno for 20 minutes to make sure it has the right stuff before being installed in a Z06. The engineers at Chevy know that more revs mean more horsepower and the LT6 motor peaks at around 8,400 rpm. This thing truly screams! 

In the Cockpit

As with all Corvette's the cabin layout is completely focused on the driver's needs. But being that this is the Z06, the most powerful Vette in the world, it features lavish race-ready bolstered seats with microsuede accents and upscale details including head-up display, heated seats, and wireless phone charging. There are also special carbon-fiber packages available. While some may balk at the square, flat-bottomed steering wheel, others will appreciate that it makes getting out of the car a bit easier. 

An 8-inch infotainment touchscreen includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and two mighty Bose sound systems are available. One of the coolest features is the Performance Data Recorder that lets you record your track day adventures for posterity. One thing this Vette offers that you might not expect is a trunk that's big enough for two sets of golf clubs, another advantage of a mid-engine layout. 
When can you get your Z06? 
The amazing mid-engine Corvette Z06 will begin production this summer, going on sale as a 2023 model. This serious racer is poised to carve new track day territory with its bold styling and supercar performance. Get yours as a Lithia Chevy dealer near you.