New Dodge eMuscle

An EV with claws and teeth!
Vin Diesel himself can be heard teasing the all-new Dodge eMuscle. The very man who has made the Dodge Charger and Challenger hot commodities in his film franchise begins by saying, "Wait a minute, did we hear that right? Dodge is making an electric car? Surely, you jest. Dodge? You mean the people who devised the legendary 426 HEMI and sunk it into a sublime missile? You mean the Dodge that created the Hellcat Redeye and the most powerful muscle car in the world? Makers of the 840-horsepower wheel-standing Demon? Why on God's green earth would Dodge ever build an electric car? Anybody?" The camera cuts to a number of typical American drivers of every race and creed. They all stare back at the camera.. mouths agape. Befuddled. Speechless.
"Any thoughts out there? Hello?" Vin coaxes us on. With the sound of a thunder clap the words appear on screen - PERFORMANCE MADE US DO IT! Indeed, performance and the fact that the world is moving ever closer to an all-electric future made Dodge do it. But Dodge will enter the EV world in a big way with the first all-electric muscle car to wear the Dodge badge.

Dodge eMuscle Front Concept
Four Wheel Burnouts!
Video teasers of the new electric muscle car show it doing a big meaty burnout with all four tires. That can only mean that this new high performance hot rod will have all-wheel-drive and at least two electric motors. According to Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, the parent company for Dodge, the new eMuscle will come with motors that make 443 horsepower each, which means this could very well be a 900 hp monster!
Rumors are running rampant that the EV could pack three or even four electric motors depending on the trim level and go from zero to 60 miles per hour in… wait for it… two seconds! As Dodge brand head honcho Tim Kuniskis has said about the car, "If an electric motor will make it quicker, we will do it." The battery packs will range from 101 to 118 kWh with EPA-Estimated 500 miles of driving range to vanquish "range anxiety."
The First LOUD EV
And what's a muscle car without the sound of shredding tires and the throaty roar of a V8 engine? Dodge wants this car to make noise and has created a muscle-bound roar that will intensify as you push the accelerator down. After all, nobody wants to do a silent burnout, right?

What's It Cost?
Dodge tells us that when it comes to MSRP on the 2024 eMuscle, they are following the sweet spot of current gasoline-powered road warriors for a price somewhere from $40,000 to $50,000. Naturally, a Hellcat or Demon version of this pavement pounder will come with a premium price. As the old gearhead saying goes, "Speed costs money… how fast do you want to go?"
Dodge eMuscle Emblem Concept
According to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares this muscle flexing car "is just so brilliant that it is shocking." Tavares says that the company's strategic vision is to invest in all-American brands, including Chrysler. "It's important for us to give this grounded brand a future and an opportunity to rebound." The first EV for Chrysler may be based on the Airflow concept car shown at CES in 2022 and many more new EVs will be coming soon from Stellantis. The multinational company was created in 2021 by merging Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) with the French PSA Group. The Dodge EV muscle car division is known as STLA Large.

A Shocking Future
For Dodge, the new eMuscle is part of the company's Never Lift Business Plan for its muscle car line which details the phasing out of the gasoline-powered Challenger and Charger by 2024 with the arrival of the manufacturer estimated 500-mile-range eMuscle in the next 24 months.
As Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis tells us, "The Dodge brand all but defines all-American muscle." He proclaims that Dodge will not sell electric cars, but rather will sell American eMuscle. "If a charger (as in electric charger) can benefit a Charger, we're in." The company is banking on the concept that their millennial customer base is buying an experience rather than a technology. If Dodge is known for pushing horsepower limits, Kuniskis says they will push the pedal to the floor by embracing electrification. "We hope to tear up the streets, not the planet."