Most Affordable Electric Cars

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There are more amazing electric cars on the market today than ever. You'll find updated models with more luxurious trim levels offering the latest technology for drivers assist and safety features. Today's EVs boast increased range and faster charging capabilities than their predecessors. Plus, electric cars are less expensive to own in the long run due to better efficiency, reasonable prices for electricity compared to gasoline, and minimal maintenance.

Perhaps you're looking for a new EV as a second car for around town driving. Maybe you're researching leasing an electric vehicle knowing that by the time your lease is up, there will be a whole new world of EV technology available to you. Plus, we have reached the tipping point when EVs are as affordable as their gasoline-powered counterparts. You'll notice that some of the vehicles in this list have dropped in price over last year's models. If you're interested in a new electric car, GreenCars has produced the following list of some of the most affordable EVs available right no.

Best Deals on New Electric Cars

We've listed this collection of zero-emission vehicles by price, from most to the least expensive based on MSRP. All are priced under $40,000. 

Don't forget that all of these cars except the Chevy Bolt are eligible for the federal tax credit of $7,500 for all-electric vehicles, making them even more affordable.