Top 5 Car Repairs You Can Do

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Older man in front of old car holding a wrench
Wrench turning, made easy
We all have cars, and we all have to keep them properly maintained. You'd be surprised at how much money you can save each year just by handling a few chores under the hood or around your vehicle yourself. We're talking about simple maintenance and service that can be accomplished with a minimum of time and cost using simple household tools.
Of course, some of us are more mechanically inclined than others and there's nothing wrong with stopping by your local Lithia Auto dealer to handle all your vehicle service needs. But if you're game to roll up your sleeves and get a little grease on your hands, we've put together our top five list of car repairs you can tackle.
You'll need simple tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, a tire gauge, a few shop rags and some latex gloves or shop gloves. And don't forget to get out your owner's manual.

Most Common Car Repairs

Proper maintenance of your car goes a long way in keeping your vehicle in tip top shape. But as cars age, there are certain components that simply wear out. Sometimes you can find out what's wrong buy using an OBD2 code reader to deduce the problem and even replace the part yourself. Depending on the complexity of the repair or if you feel you are getting in over your head, you might want to opt for a trip to your local Lithia Auto Service Center.
What are the most common auto repairs? 
Let's take a look. One of the most common parts to replace is the oxygen sensor. It reads how much unburned oxygen is in your exhaust. Your car's computer uses this info to adjust the fuel and air ratio for better performance. On average, your car's oxygen sensor will need to be replaced every 50,000 miles or so.

The emissions management system in your vehicle is called a catalytic converter and it is built to last the life of your car. Unfortunately, clever thieves can strip one of these expensive units from your car in less than ten minutes.
An ignition coil can cause damage to the entire ignition system if it goes bad as it tells the spark plugs when to fire. Because it is in constant use, ignition coils wear out frequently and must be replaced.
The thermostat is an inexpensive part to replace but ignore it and your engine can overheat quickly and damage the engine. If your thermostat fails, you'll want to replace it right away.
People used to replace their spark plugs themselves, but today's cars often make it much more difficult to get to them. Faulty spark plugs can not only make your car run rough and limit your mileage, but also cause your expensive catalytic converter to fail. It is best to have a trained service technician at your local Lithia Auto dealer replace your spark plugs. The same goes for replacing spark plug wires.

Let Lithia Help
No matter what your vehicle maintenance and ongoing service needs may be, there is a Lithia Auto dealer near you. Our highly skilled ASE-certified service technicians use genuine OEM parts and are ready to handle all your service needs to keep you safe and on the road. Find a service center near you today.